September 16, 2020

NWSKC Kids Club

All our classes at NWSKC Karate in Wigan are mixed classed with adults and children as young as 5 year old and upwards.

With children of our own, our instructors know that children can change their mind so quickly so If your child is wanting to start Karate then why not bring them along to one of our lessons and let them try completely free of charge before signing up.

With other children in the club its a great way to make new friends, overcome shyness, get fit and most importantly have fun.

All our instructors have been DBS checked and certificates are available on request.

If you would like to along for a free taster lesson please ensure that fill out the contact form on our website to let our instructors know you will attending class.

Please bring your child in lose fitting clothes (shorts, joggers etc) training shoes/sports pumps or bare feet.

It is always wise to bring a small drink as this will allow them to keep hydrated during the classes.

If you have question or special requirements please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirement on how NWSKC Karate can help you.