NWSKC was formed in 2016 but it’s roots go back to 1976 when it’s chief instructor Steve Jenkins started his martial arts journey in Kung Fu unfortunately a serious motor cycle accident stopped it before his 1st sash. It was not until 1999 at the age of 40 that he took karate up after watching his son David training with NASSKC. Training 2 to 3 times a week he moved up the grades and passed 1st Dan in 2006 at the same time also teaching at some of NASSKC other venues. Whilst teaching the younger students parents were encouraged to join in, as such we are now a family friendly club. The present club came about after NASSKC clubs dwindled and Steve Jenkins looking to further his knowledge joined WTMA who encouraged him to go independent. The club has never looked back and still to this day continues to grow from strength to strength.