Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How old do I need to be to start Karate ?

There is no age limitations young or old to start karate. However NWSKC does recommend that children should be over 5 years old to allow them to be able to concentrate and practice without distractions.

How much are the lessons ?

The lessons are £5.00 per person per session. If your interested in joining then don’t forget to take advantage of our “First Lesson Free” offer.

I've previously studied karate, can I still join ?

If you have previous experience in any form of martial arts then you can still join NWSKC and may even find it an advantage. If you have practiced Wado-Ryu karate and wish to continue you are more than welcome to continue where you left off as long as you can produce your certificates or demonstrate your current grade.

Do I need a karate GI or suit to start ?

Not at all, feel free to turn up in lose fitting clothes like joggers and t-shirt for your first lessons. Once your happy and want to register you will get a Karate suit (GI) with your membership.

I am unfit, will karate help ?

Karate will certainly help with increasing fitness levels. If you are unfit and are willing to participate then you can take the classes at your own pace and increase as your fitness and stamina increases.

I want to start but i'm frightened ?

People think there first lessons will all be about being kicked and punched and hurt, that not the case at all. Our lessons teach you all aspects of karate including self defence etc. You will not be fighting opponents until your are ready physically and mentally to do so.