NWSKC Instructors

NWSKC has 3  full time instructors current teaching students and guiding them on the correct path to karate success. Our senior instructor and head Sensei Steven Jenkins (5th Dan) , Sensei Mike Linnett (1st Dan) & Sensei Garry Tarpey (1st Dan). All our instructors are DBS checked for your safety.

Senior Sensei Steve Jenkins (5th Dan)

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Sensei Mike Linnett (1st Dan)

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Sensei Garry Tarpey (1st Dan)

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Guest Instructors

NWSKC is extremely fortunate to have a guest Instructor at our club. Grand Master Bob Curuthers (8th Dan) has his own club “Wigan Traditional Martial Arts” but spends a lot of his time attending classes at NWSKC to impart his knowledge and skills onto our students and instructors. Bringing with him a wide range of different styles from various countries GM Bob compliments our full time instructors and will always be welcome at NWSKC.